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What is a Ceramic Coating?

Ceramic coating, also called nano-coating, is a liquid polymer which bonds to the surface of your car, creating a long-term protective layer on top of your paint.  It is hard, thick, and transparent, similar to the appearance of glass, that semi-permanently attaches to your car’s paint. The thickness of the coating gives the car a deep gloss appearance. It is applied by hand to the exterior of your car, covering it entirely, and is installed by a trained Surface Specialist.

What do Ceramic Coatings do for you?

Car ceramic coating chemically bonds with the paint, creating a long-lasting protective layer. A ceramic coating protects the clear coat layer beneath it. The clear coat layer protects the color layer of your car, but your clear coat can become damaged and scratched pretty easily. Even light abrasion with the clear coat can cause visible damage, therefore having a protective layer on top of it is very important. Ceramic coatings protect against UV rays from the sun. Without protection, UV rays can eat away at your car’s paint, causing oxidation and fade.  The strength of this coat protects the paint from damage via UV rays, spray chemicals, and other contaminants. The higher-quality of the coat, the increased shine, durability, and protective qualities. Pricing will vary from one coating to the next, depending on the substrate and durability.


Extra Level of Protection

A Ceramic Coating has a full range of protection that will meet needs and help protect against sun damage and oxidation. Unlike traditional waxes and sealants, coatings last for years of protection. Often measured in years, we have coatings that last from one year to 5 years. An often-overlooked benefit of ceramic coating your car is the way it repels dirt and other substances. A ceramic coating makes your car’s surface very smooth, filling in the imperfections of the clear coat beneath it, making it difficult for dirt to stick to the surface. This means you won’t have to wash your car as frequently. Also making your car easier to clean while maintaining a deep, glossy appearance.


What we Offer

We have a coating for every surface, with durability up to 5 years. Most of our coatings get reported to Carfax to help maintain a positive resale value, while being backed by a 3rd party warranty


Coating protections for the exterior and interior of your vehicle:

1 - 5 Year Paint Protection, Wheels, Windows, Windshield, Fabric, Leather & Plastic

A Ceramic Coating is an ADD ON SERVICE.  A paint enhancement is required immediately prior to any ceramic coating application.

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