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Smooth Touch Premium Detailing is a family owned Luxury Detailing Service committed to providing a Hassle-Free Premium Detailing Experience starting right here, in our Home City of Denton, Tx and expanding into the greater Dallas - Fort Worth areas.  As a product of Denton, Tx, we have learned the value of honesty and integrity. With over 15 yrs of training and experience, that is exactly what the Smooth Touch Premium Detailing customer will receive with every service, whether it's one of our hand car washes or Full Ceramic Coating packages. Our goal is to turn you from customer to client, and from client to family. We will strive to make every service a memorable one. 


Smooth Touch Premium Detailing has a wide range of Detailing capabilities including: Ceramic Coating applications, stain removal, steam cleaning, paint correction, paint polishing, scratch removal, odor removal, and more!

Being Mobile gives us an advantage over our competition. This means we can come to your home or office so that you can continue with your daily lives without being interrupted. Once you've scheduled your service, we will show up on time (unless you are informed otherwise), usually ahead of time. We have an extensive checklist that will ensure your satisfaction is guaranteed. If we do miss something, we will make sure to fix it immediately. 

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